zeigtfilme! is the professional solution for the publication of daily rushes, completed films and other video content that needs to be accessed by project teams scattered worldwide.

Especially easy to use
Assisted by a user-friendly interface, editors need only a few clicks to make their material accessible online.

Security for your content
As a matter of principle each film is securely encrypted and can only be viewed after successfully logging in to the zeigtfilme! system.

Local transcoding and an online-system from the same specialists
The integrated zeigtfilme! solution automates all the necessary steps. From encoding and upload to notifying team members our system works competently in the background. Using zeigtfilme! ensures optimal picture-quality without wasted time, the need for specialist skills or complicated configuration.

Worldwide distributed content delivery network
Users automatically receive their video stream from the server best suited to their connection and location. This ensures excellent performance worldwide.

Intelligent encoding
A highly optimised encoding process delivers outstanding picture quality without extreme bandwidth. For our users this means outstanding video quality even on slower broadband connections.

Controlled access
Supervise projects, users and permissions from a simple web interface. Flexibility without unnecessary complexity lets you control how the system is used and who has access to each film.

Platform independent
zeigtfilme! is not restricted to a single operating system or editing software. Editors and clients use the system of their choice. Team members use their favourite web browser to view the material. No special software or complicated plug-ins are necessary.

Made to match your web presence
zeigtfilme! is individually customised to provide a seamless web experience for your customers. A secure gateway to high quality streamed content that harmonises with your website is an excellent way to enhance the corporate identity of your company.